About Ariel & History


Ariel is not under new Ownership and based in Keyhaven Lymington

Ariel is a Tosher 18′ 6″ built in 1984 by Martin Heard of Gaffers and Luggers on the shores of Mylor Creek, Cornwall.

The previous owner Martin Coyne was kind enough to give me a copy of a Gaffers and Luggers brochure, he aslo described some rigging details in a 2 drawings

Gaffers-And-Luggers & Ariel-Rigging

Ariel’s history was that she was initially Ariel of Swanwick then Ariel of Newcastle and then Ariel of Greystones.Ariel is now based in Keyhaven.

The boat was built with  green gel coat, but was painted black with a white sheer stripe and red below the waterline.

Ariel is a gaff rigged cutter with racing rig that is 3/4 decked.

Further information about Tosher’s and other boats built by Gaffers and Luggers yard can be found in the Gaffers and Luggers Association web site.

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  1. Brian says:

    When will we see you in this Joe?

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