Digging out the balast

The ballast in Ariel is mostly iron bars and bits of lead some chain and even bags of sand.

To get a full picture of what lies beneath the whole lot needs to come out. It was a dirty filthy job. I took them out section by section and weighed each. There was 55 items with a total weight of 743.3 Kg. When all the ballast was out, I cleaned out the gunge and washed the bilge. I filled with water and let it sit for a day or so to see where if any the leaks were. There was a couple of minor weeps where some of the through-hole bolts were for the keel band. I marked these and will check them out later.

The attached is an xls of each section



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Ariel in dry dock

Ariel arrives in dry dock awaiting refit

Ariel arrives

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