Cockpit Sole and Floor Boards

The original sole was marine ply sitting on what I think was Douglas floor boards. Both were showing plenty of signs of decay. As I had committed to replacing the keel band the floors need to be removed to assist in this process.


Each floor was replaced with with an I-Beam approach. The I-Beam was made up of good quality Maine Ply capped top and bottom with 50mm square Iroko  a shown in the picture.  Each I-Beam was wrapped in poxy and 300g glass cloth which hermetically sealed the entire floor prior to binding in the hull.
Each flow was bonded with a large filet of thickened epoxy and class matting over the filet.

The picture below shows 4 floors fitted. Note I have removed the ply bulkhead.


The pictures show the floors just before the cockpit sole was fitted. The sole was again marine ply that was sealed with epoxy on the underside bonded and screwed to the floors.

Floors ready for Cockpit sole Floors ready for Cockpit sole

Floors (stern view) Floors (stern view)

Note the stern bulkhead and locker space and the forward open section.

The marine ply sole sealed with epoxy on the underside and all edges before being fitted. The sole was sealed on the top with 300g cloth and epoxy. Pealply was used to get a clean epoxy finish.


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